Men’s Club

The Shir Hadash Men’s Club is a community of men within Congregation Shir Hadash that provides opportunities for adult male congregants to create fellowship among Men’s Club members and contribute to the vitality of the congregation. We actively participate in service to the congregation and to the community, working together on projects that span the spiritual, the intellectual, the charitable, or the just plain “guy-stuff.”

Daffodils in bloom.

Everyone learns how to juggle scarves at Dr. Steve Jackson’s talk on “Reducing Stress.”

Dr. Steve Jackson speaks on “Reducing Stress” at the Men’s Club Speaker Series.

Annual Latke and Comedy Film Party.

Annual Bocce Ball Game. Rusty Gralnik makes a measurement, encouraged by Murray Siegel.

Men's Club annual night at the San Jose Sharks ice hockey game.

Men's Club members enjoyed dinner before the Sharks game.
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Our Philosophy

Camaraderie is a key aspect of the Men’s Club, so we make sure that our projects include a fair share of fun and kibbitzing as well. Our social activities are varied, and range from sporting events and movies to music and discussion. They nearly always include food and are often open to the rest of the congregation.


You are invited to attend! The Men’s Club Board of Directors typically meets on the first Sunday of each month (not in September) from 10:00 am until noon. Location is posted on the temple agenda for the day, on the entry doors.

All adult male congregants are invited to participate. To find out what opportunities to participate are available, send an email to .

Rabbi Josh Lobel, Arnie Pinck, Bob Katz, Howard Taub, Rich Zbriger, Ray Epstein, Bruce Preville, Mike Segal, Ed Stein, Steve Jackson, Kevin Pringle, Marshall Heller, Rusty Gralnik, Bob Steinfeld


Supporting the next generation of leaders at Shir Hadash

The Men’s Club seeks out and sponsors initiatives through which the Men’s Club can participate in building the future of Shir Hadash.

The Youth Leadership Grants Program encourages our 8th thru 12th grade youth to participate in Jewish-context leadership development programs offered outside our temple community. These experiences are intended to enhance the participant’s Jewish participation and leadership and provide a greater foundation for our youth to live a life of contribution to the community, informed by Jewish values.

Observance of Yom Ha’shoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)

  • Packaging and mailing of more than 200 candles to members of the temple.

  • Planting of daffodils in the temple garden timed to bloom on the holiday.

Thanks to all those who donated to the candle project.


Sun., Aug. 3
Men's Club Board Meeting

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Ray Epstein
Ed Stein
Mike Segal
Past President
Howard Taub
VP, Programs
Ron Wolk
VP, Service
Dave Goldberg
VP, Membership
Rusty Gralnik
VP at Large
Marshall Heller
Kevin Pringle
Rich Zbriger
Bob Steinfeld
Arnie Pinck
Steve Jackson
Speaker Series Chair
Bruce Preville