Community of Shir Hadash

“Behold how good and pleasant it is
for brothers and sisters to dwell together in unity!”
—Psalms 133:1

Shir Hadash is a vibrant Reform Jewish congregation that includes people from many different backgrounds with a variety of interests. Non-Jewish partners are encouraged to actively participate in congregational life. Shir Hadash is a place where friendships can develop across age and other boundaries.

This section highlights some of the different groups that have formed within our community to offer places for members to socialize and share interests.

  • The Caring Committee serves our congregants by offering care and support to those who are ill, in mourning, housebound, or returning home with a new baby.

  • Women of Reform Judaism (WRJ) holds events and provides social and educational opportunities for women.

  • The Men’s Club aims to increase the level of interactions among men of the congregation by providing opportunities for contact through participation in service projects and social events.

  • The Young Adult Group meets monthly for a diverse array of social, cultural, and religious events.

  • Our three youth groups offer opportunities for fun, camaraderie, and informal learning to students in grades 3–12.

  • With College Connection, we keep in touch with our college age members. Programs are also offered during the year for parents of college age students.

  • A Havurah is a small group of Congregation members who meet regularly for companionship and to explore Jewish and other interests.

  • The Interfaith Group holds regular discussion sessions and events designed to help interfaith couples and families share common experiences and explore solutions to typical challenges.

  • LGBT

  • Freilache Menschen (Happy Folk) is for Shir Hadash members in their senior years, care givers, and anyone else who is interested. This group meets monthly at Shir Hadash.

  • Volunteering — Working with others in an area you feel passionate about is a great way to make friends and to become integrated into our community. We have a committee for every interest!

  • The Job Board features postings both from those who are currently looking for work and from those who may have, or know of, real job openings.

  • Joining one of our choirs is a great way to share your love of music with others. Members age 13 and older are invited to participate in the adult choir. Elementary school age students can participate in the Makelah Children’s Choir.

  • Confirmation mentors meet for structured discussion and one-on-one time with confirmation students five times a year, providing a listening ear and supporting teens when it is most needed.

  • We also have a support group for members dealing with loss, and a weekly recovery meeting.