Board of Directors

One of the founding principles of Shir Hadash was that it should be an open, participatory and democratic organization. Our current structure and method of operation still reflect those ideals. The Congregation operates under a set of bylaws and is governed by an elected Board of Directors.

Robert Chortek []
Past President
Bruce Hartman []
Vice President, Administration
Joy Spodick []
Vice President, Religious School
Leah Brunnings []
Dawn Gringorten []
Chuck Robbin []
CSH in the World
Susan Schwaderer []
Mark Allen []
Adult Education
Cady Burstein []
Member-at-Large, Communications
Trista Bernstein []
Member-at-Large, Youth Groups
Naomi Parker []
Member-at-Large, Membership Recruitment & Integration
Angela Goldin []
Member-at-Large, Membership Engagement & Retention
Sue Saso []
Member-at-Large, Financial Visioning
Barb Tobias Chappell []
Member-at-Large, Preschool
Rachael Huck []
Member-at-Large, Men’s Club
Ed Stein & Ray Epstein []
Member-at-Large, Sisterhood
Karen Peterson []
Member-at-Large, Legal
Seth Gottlieb []
Federation Representative
Jay Friedman & Rabbi Melanie Aron []