Executive Director Art Scher

Phone: 408-358-1751 x9

Art brings 30+ years of business experience to his role as Executive Director, a position he has held at Shir Hadash since 2003.

Education and Training

B.S. Cornell University

Senior FTA, from the National Association of Temple Administrators in 2006.

25+ years in the computer industry, concentrating in the areas of network communications, professional services, business development, finance and operations

Owned a retail business in Monterey, California for 8 years.

Temple Responsibilities

As Executive Director, Art ensures that the policies and directions of the Board of Directors and its committees regarding the congregation’s finances, facility use, maintenance, security, membership, dues and office administration are implemented effectively.

He works collaboratively with clergy, staff, and lay leaders in building and managing the human, financial, facilities and operational resources of Congregation Shir Hadash, including supervisory responsibility for all administrative, accounting, maintenance and outside contracted personnel.


Art grew up on the east coast in Baltimore, and with the exception of a 3 year assignment in Holland, has been living in the Bay area for most of his professional life. He is married with 2 sons in college. He enjoys playing tennis, reading the Sunday NY Times, traveling and watching movies.